Causes and Types of Tire Failure

Tire de-treading is the sudden separation or splitting of the tire’s tread – which grips the roadway and is responsible for vehicle stability and control – from the tire’s tube and often leads to a complete blowout of the tire. Regardless of how severe the de-treading is, it often results in a significant loss of air pressure and makes the vehicle nearly impossible to control, especially at highway speeds.

Tire defects can result from any of the following:

  • Improper tire design
  • Subpar manufacturing and quality control
  • Exposure to certain contaminants
  • Exposure to extreme elements
  • The overall age of the tire

As tires age, the rubber begins to deteriorate and the complex parts can begin to wear down. Many people do not understand that the aging process of a tire takes place no matter if the tire is actually in use.

Tire Recall Reporting is Inadequate

If you look on the side wall of a standard car or truck tire, you will see a detailed series of serial numbers which the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) requires to be printed on every single tire sold in the United States. These numbers indicate how old the tire is, where it was manufactured, and other important details about the tire.

When a potential tire defect is discovered, the tire manufacturer has an obligation to make efforts to alert consumers of the defects through a system safety advocates maintain is inadequate.

Specifically, the current system does not allow for tire distributors & sellers to become immediately aware of a product recall and therefore consumers are vulnerable to purchasing defective tires without being aware that the tire is potentially dangerous.

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