Common Defective Medical Devices & Products

There are a number of defective medical products and instruments that are collectively responsible for a majority of medical malpractice claims in the United States. Among these common defective medical products are:

All of these products are supposed to be reviewed and approved for the marketplace by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but that doesn't always prevent innocent patients from being injured or killed as a result. Sometimes, the FDA approves medical products without a thorough analysis of the risks they present to medical patients.

Manufacturers of medical devices and instruments can sometimes overlook the risks of a particular device because the company's primary goal is to profit from selling the devices. In some instances, medical device manufacturers accept the risk of causing injury or death to patients because they will still make enough profit from product sales.

At the very least, it is important that patients who have been harmed by a dangerous drug or defective medical product understand what their legal rights are and how to go about pursuing a legal claim. Consulting with an attorney at Davis Law Group costs you nothing and may help victims and their families decide the best course of action moving forward.

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