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Attorney Handling COVID-19 Coronavirus Disease Lawsuits in Washington State

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While the full extent of the consequences of COVID-19 are not yet fully known, victims and their families want to understand how to determine liability for Coronavirus infections and how to pursue a legal claim. Davis Law Group is currently evaluating cases involving COVID-19, aka Coronavirus, disease transmission.  

Can Coronavirus Victims Sue for Injuries?

The Coronavirus pandemic, officially known as COVID-19, has affected hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Senior citizens, pregnant women, and those with compromised immune systems are most susceptible to this life-altering illness.  As the number of coronavirus cases in Washington State continues to rise, coronavirus victims want to understand their legal rights should they contract the virus or a family member dies from an infection. 

Can coronavirus victims bring a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit against nursing homes, businesses, restaurants, schools, cruise ships, or hospitals where they were infected?

The introduction of the COVID-19 virus may impose legal liability against individuals and companies.  Liability may arise if the wrongdoer knowingly spreads the virus to innocent victims, or fails to take proper precautions to protect innocent victims if there is a known threat of the virus.

Can you sue a person for spreading Coronavirus?

A person can potentially be held liable if: they have the Coronavirus infection; have tested positive for COVID-19; are aware of the test result; do not take action to quarantine themselves; and spread the illness to others who become sick or die.

Can you sue a restaurant or grocery store for spreading COVID-19?

Food products contaminated by COVID-19, at stores or restaurants, could be the basis for a product liability claim if you can prove that management was aware of employees with the infection and fail to act appropriately.  

Can you bring a lawsuit against a business for COVID-19?

A business can possibly be held liable if: management is aware that an employee has been diagnosed with the disease and does not take reasonable action to prevent the spread of the disease through cleaning and disinfection measures and/or does not immediately instruct the employee to stay home until the are no longer contagious.  

Can I sue the cruise ship company or file a Coronavirus lawsuit?

If it can be proven that the cruise ship company failed to take every reasonable measure possible to prevent the spread of the disease AND the cruise ship passengers suffered in some way, then there may be a cause for legal action.  However,  generally speaking, cruise ship ticket contracts often expressly state that the passenger waives all possible class action claims. 

Most cruise ship companies are based in Florida, and this state has enacted laws to protect the industry. For instance, most cruise ship tickets have language that imposes a shorter period of time to bring a claim or lawsuit against the company. This time restriction, legally referred to as the "statute of limitation" period, is often much shorter for claims against cruise ship companies. These periods can be as short as 6 mos. from the date of injury or harm in which to file a lawsuit. Anyone with a potential claim against a cruise ship company should immediately contact a lawyer to protect their rights.

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