Community Transit Accident Attorney

Severe Injuries & Wrongful Death Due To Accidents Caused By Community Transit Buses

community transit bus accident lawsuit settlementCommunity Transit buses and vanpool serves routes all over Snohomish County and the greater Puget Sound region proving transport to travelers and commuters each day.  There are more than 200 Community Transit commuter buses serving more than 50 routes and 2,100 stops on city streets, local roads and regional highways.  Other regional transportation providers such as King County Metro and Sound Transit frequently subcontract services to Community Transit.

Each year Community Transit buses are involved in numerous collisions with motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.  These incidents can cause severe injuries and/or death of the accident victims.

Suing the Community Transit for Negligence

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What Causes Community Transit Bus Accidents?

Driver/Operator Error

Frequently operator or driver miscalculations are the primary reason for collisions involving a Community Transit vehicle.  The driver may be inexperienced and thus not have the know-how to properly operate a large vehicle or bus.  Many times drivers have not received the proper training.  Sometimes drivers are fatigued from long shifts.  Or a driver may have an alcohol or substance abuse problem.  Drivers are under a great deal of pressure to keep buses on time despite traffic—hasty decisions under pressure can also cause collisions.  Buses commonly rear-end other vehicles.

Mechanical Errors & Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Failure to maintain buses, or installing defective or damaged parts in buses, may also cause accidents. Following an accident, bus accident investigators will review the company’s safety records and maintenance history. Investigations will often demonstrate past history that includes numerous safety violations and failed checkups including brake problems and other maintenance issues. 

Subcontracting to Community Transit

Community Transit provides bus service on 53 routes within Snohomish County and to downtown Seattle and the University of Washington. Every city in the county except Everett is part of Community Transit’s service area. As a regional transportation provider, Community Transit is contracted to operate five Sound Transit routes from Snohomish County to King County.