Collapsing Porch, Deck, or Balcony

Premises Liability Attorneys for Dangerous Decks, Failing Railing, and Breaking Balcony

deck collapse personal injuryA deck, balcony, porch, or railing collapse accident can cause serious injuries or death. Many such structures were not well constructed or are not properly maintained. These cases can be very complicated and require specialized legal help since premises liability, negligence and product liability law may all be factors.

It has been estimated that 2.5 million new or replacement decks are built each year. The majority of new homes being built have an elevated deck. According to the North American Deck and Railing Association, there are more than 50 million decks made of wood that are more than 25 years old. Unfortunately many decks are not properly maintained. Existing porches and decks on older homes are deteriorating. 

Improperly Built or Maintained Wooden Decks and Balconies are Especially Hazardous in Washington State

In Washington state, recent changes to building codes mean that decks and porches built ten or twenty years ago may not be up to code today. Washington's mild summers prevent wooden decks from fully drying out after a wet winter, leaving unprotected or improperly treated wood prone to rot. 

Because the regulations surrounding the building and upkeep of decks and balconies are complex, it is a good idea to discuss your case with a personal injury attorney if you have been injured due to a collapsing deck, railing, or balcony.