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Davis Law Group, P.S. founder Chris Davis is one of the most respected and recognized civil litigation lawyers practicing in Washington State. Davis Law Group has been named Best Injury Law Firm in Washington State by AI Dispute Resolution Awards

As a prominent bridge accident injury lawyer with experience in handling bridge accident claims, attorney Chris Davis' expert opinion is often featured by local media covering bridge-related issues and/or some of his cases —including the Skagit River Bridge Collapse

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Causes of Bridge & Overpass Accidents

  • Inadequate bridge or overpass maintenance
  • Insufficient quality and/or scarce frequency of bridge or overpass inspections
  • Unintended bridge opening / bridge opening by mistake
  • Drawspan sections unexpectedly rise and are hit by cars
  • Pontoon letdown / pontoon sinking
  • Drawspan failure
  • Corrosion of major support structures
  • Bridge or overpass structures hit by vehicles
  • Cracks in the bridge structures
  • Under-engineered for local environmental conditions
  • Poor structural support
  • Oversized vehicles damage bridge or overpass structures
  • Overpass failure
  • Lack of proper warning signs
  • Human errors and poor decisions

520 Floating Bridge Accidents 

The floating bridge on Seattle's Route 520 has the distinction of being the longest floating bridge in the world. Every day, approximately 115,000 vehicles use the SR 520 bridge to cross Lake Washington.

The current bridge was designed to carry 65,000 vehicles per day. High traffic volumes make the bridge susceptible to motor vehicle collisions on the bridge and/or accidents caused by bridge design or maintenance issues.  

I-90 Floating Bridge Accidents

The Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge which crosses Lake Washington via Interstate 90 is the second longest floating bridge. 

Over 70,000 vehicles cross the I-90 bridge every day at high rates of speed. Each day there are several motor vehicle accidents on the bridge.  

Washington State’s Unsafe Bridges

Bridge Status

  • Operational
  • Structurally deficient
  • Functionally obsolete

Bridge Construction Materials

  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Aluminum
  • Wrought Iron
  • Cast Iron

Bridge Design Types

  • Stringer
  • Multi-beam
  • Girder
  • Box Beam
  • Slab
  • Culvert
  • Truss
  • Tee Beam
  • Arch
  • Deck
  • Bascule
  • Floor Beam
  • Floating
  • Channel Beam

Bridge Functional Class

  • Local
  • Rural
  • Urban
  • Major Collector
  • Minor Collector
  • Principal Arterial