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seattle auto defect airbag failure attorneyAutomobile accidents can be caused by a number of different factors, ranging from driver error to natural disasters. But often enough, crashes and collisions are caused by defective parts and products by fault of the manufacturer or vehicle repair service.

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Commong Auto Defect Issues

Common auto defects that typically result in serious, life-threatening injuries include:

  • Brake Failure
  • Airbag Malfunction
  • Seat Belt Unlatching 
  • Door Latch Failure 

Other equipment also fails in cars and auto makers should be held responsible for any injuries or death which is the result of a motor vehicle defect. Vehicle manufacturers must produce safe cars and trucks that are free from defects that can injure driver or passengers.

Airbag Failure Statistics

  • General Motors (GM) recalled a record 48 million vehicles in 2014 due to a variety of defective parts and products.
  • 1997 was the worst year for airbag-related deaths and injuries when 53 people died including 31 children.
  • Airbags have killed 264 people since NHTSA became keeping a record of the deaths and injuries.

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