auto recall defects attorneyAs a prominent Seattle auto defect attorney with experience in handling serious injury claims, Chris Davis is often featured by local or national new media covering accident-related issues and/or some of his cases. You may have him on local stations such as KING5, KOMO4, KIRO7 and Q13Fox or national news programs like CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 or InsideEdition. 

Holding the appropriate person, company, or entity responsible for accidents caused by defective vehicles can be complicated and often requires the assistance of a qualified attorney who has experience handling these types of claims.

In these cases, the responsible party may be some combination of auto manufacturers, repair shops, or other corporations, and the legal process for recovering compensation from these parties is no easy battle. We will use our extensive knowledge and resources to achieve the best possible results for you and your family.

The Basics Of Auto Defect Injury Lawsuits

A basic part of an auto defect case boils down to the following: what makes a car part defective?

Essentially, a defective auto product fails to execute the task it was designed for. There are basically no limits as to why an auto part can become defective, including:

  • A defective design that makes them prone to breaking
  • A poor design that makes them fail during assembly
  • An auto part is poorly built or manufactured

Your auto defect attorney will have to prove that the part is defective in order to prove your case. To ensure this, it’s paramount that the vehicle or part is preserved for a thorough inspection by qualified experts. While it may seem practical to fix the part or swap out the car, that would destroy the integrity of your case. 

In an auto defect lawsuit, the vehicle is the most important piece of evidence. And in order to prove one of these claims against the manufacturer, your attorney must prove that: 

  • The auto part was defective
  • The defective part caused the accident and injuries
  • That you suffered harm as a direct result of the auto defect

Common Auto Defect Issues

There are dozens of recalled vehicles and auto parts in the United States every year. In most cases, recalls are issued because a particular vehicle or product poses a safety risk to the general public.

Common examples of auto defects that typically result in serious, life-threatening injuries include:

  • Brake Failure
  • Airbag Malfunction
  • Seat Belt Unlatching
  • Door Latch Failure 
  • Exploding Gas Tanks
  • Faulty Pedals
  • Malfunctioning Warning Systems
  • Poorly-Designed Tires & Wheels

There is no telling or predicting which vehicles or products may eventually be determined to be unsafe for motorists, which is why it is important for companies to properly communicate potential issues and recalls to consumers in a timely manner. Auto makers should be held responsible for any injuries or death which is the result of a motor vehicle defect. Vehicle manufacturers must produce safe cars and trucks that are free from defects that can injure driver or passengers.

Airbag Failure Statistics

  • General Motors (GM) recalled a record 48 million vehicles in 2014 due to a variety of defective parts and products.
  • 1997 was the worst year for airbag-related deaths and injuries when 53 people died including 31 children.
  • Airbags have killed 264 people since NHTSA became keeping a record of the deaths and injuries.

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