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Woodinville Semi Truck Accident Victim Hires Attorney

Posted on Mar 25, 2021

semi truck accident in Woodinville

umbrella transport car carrier

Davis Law Group has been retained to represent the victim of a Woodinville semi truck accident.  

Vehicle #1 - Umbrella Auto Transport of Huntingdon Valley, PA semi pulling a large car carrier truck, which is used to transport other vehicles.  
Vehicle #2 - 2019 BMW X4
Vehicle #3 - 2004 Chevy Tahoe

All three vehicles were driving southbound on State Route 9 in late one near milepost 1.  The Chevy Tahoe was in the front followed by the BMW.  Both were stopped for traffic.  The Umbrella Auto Transport truck failed to stop with traffic and struck the rear of the BMW causiing it to spin and push into the rear of the Tahoe.  

The BMW was crushed between the semi and the Tahoe.  The vehicle was a total loss.  The driver suffered injuries to both legs, right arm, C7 spine, neck, and head. 

Accident Date: 01/28/21
DLG Case: 888715

Photo Credits: Washington State Patrol and Umbrella Auto Transport's Facebook Page