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Victims of Issaquah Semi Truck Accident Hire Lawyer

Posted on Feb 28, 2020

Issaquah semi truck accident attorney

A couple that was injured in an Issaquah semi truck accident on I-90 have retained semi-truck accident attorney Chris Davis and the trucking accident legal team at Davis Law Group to represent them in possible legal action against the truck driver and the trucking company.  

On 7/22/2019 at approximately 7:30 PM the victims were traveling westbound in their 2016 Ford Fusion on Interstate 90 near milepost 17 in Issaquah when the semi-truck made an improper and unsafe lane change to the right striking the Fusion in the right front corner.  This caused the car to strike another vehicle and push it into the left hand guardrail.  

Both the driver and the passenger in the Ford Fusion were injured suffering from neck, back, chest injuries and broken ribs.  

The photos of the damage to their vehicles show just how serious this major semi truck accident was.  

There are more semi truck accidents on Interstate 90 each year than on any other roadway in Washington State.  The area between Issaquah and Cle Elem is particularly dangerous.  Near Issaquah 18-wheeler trucks are traveling in heavy commuter traffic putting semis and cars in close proximity in stop-and-go traffic----always a dangerous combination.

DLG Case Number: 202373
Photo Credit: Davis Law Group