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Victim of Tumwater Semi Truck Accident Seeks Possible Lawsuit After Crash

Posted on May 31, 2019

Tumwater semi truck car accidentThe victim of a serious tractor trailer truck accident has retained the semi-truck crash lawyers at Davis Law Group to represent her in possible legal action related to a collision that took place on in March 2019 near Tumwater in WA.  

The victim, driving a Honda Accord, was traveling on southbound Interstate 5 just north of Tumwater Blvd.  The Herche Transfer Company’s 2006 semi truck was traveling on  northbound I 5 lost a dual wheel from one of the trailer axles. The duel wheel flew over the jersey barrier and smashed into the left front side of the Honda vehicle. The windshield and driver’s side window shattered.    

A dual rear wheel truck, commonly referred to as a dually truck, has two pairs of rear wheels, or a total of six rear wheels. These kinds of semi-trucks are easy to spot since the extra set of rear wheels gives the truck a much larger appearance.  

The victim suffered serious injuries to her left hand, back, shoulder and face.  She was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital for treatment.  

DLG Case Number: 201971

Photo Credit: Client