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Victim of Icy Crash On State Route 522 Snohomish River Bridge Hires Davis Law Group

Posted on Feb 06, 2019

icy road accident Snohomish River Bridge

Davis Law Group has been retained to represent the victims of an “icy road accident” that happened on the Snohomish River Bridge in January of 2017.  

The accident happened at 1:20am on a New Year’s Day.  A pickup truck hit a patch of ice and last control causing a multi-car accident.  

Our client fractured 8 ribs on the right side and 7 ribs on the left side.  She also suffered back and neck problems and a severe gash to her scalp.  

Many people believe that crashes involving snowy or icy road conditions is “an act of God” that is “nobody’s fault”.  However, according to Washington State Law (RCW 46.61.400), “No person shall drive a vehicle on a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions and having regard to the actual and potential hazards then existing. In every event speed shall be so controlled as may be necessary to avoid colliding with any person, vehicle or other conveyance on or entering the highway in compliance with legal requirements and the duty of all persons to use due care.”

Our client was injured when another driver lost control of their vehicle.  She was in no way at-fault for the accident.  

Insurance claims are open now and possible legal claims may be filed in the near future.  

DLG Case Number: 201645