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Skagit River Bridge Collapse: One Year After The Tragedy

Posted on May 20, 2014

bridge accidents in washington stateThe upcoming one year anniversary of the Skagit Bridge Collapse will undoubtably stir public interest in the current state of the survivors.  The following information will try to address the questions that are most often asked, and provide some background information on the events of that tragic day.

Dan & Sally Sligh, Bridge Collapse Survivors

Statement From Washington State Skagit River Bridge Victims pdf

Video Statement from Dan Sligh

About Dan & Sally pdf

Dan & Sally Sligh Photos

Skagit River Bridge Collapse Legal Claims

Overview of the Skagit River Bridge Collapse From A Legal Perspective pdf

Questions That Need To Be Answered About The Skagit River Bridge Collapse pdf

Washington State Bridges

Skagit River Bridge: Facts & Statistics pdf

Washington State Bridges: Facts & Statistics pdf

Skagit River Bridge Collapse: Involved Parties pdf

Bridge Accidents / Over-Height Vehicle Collisions: Facts & Statistics pdf

Washinton State Department of Transportation Reports on Bridges

The Gray Notebook Washington State Department of Transportation's quartery performance report on transportation systems, August 26, 2013 (Annual Bridge Report, Pages 4-14)

Assent Management: Bridge Assessment Annual Report, June 30, 2011 pdf

List of Structurally Defecieint Bridges In Washington State, WSDOT, September 2011 pdf

Bridge List, Washington State Department of Transportation, October 2013 pdf

Investigation-Related Documents

Preliminary Report, Skagit River Bridge Collapse, National Transportation Safety Board, June 2013 pdf

Overheight Overside Trucking Permit, Mullens Trucking, Washington State Department of Transportation, May 23, 2013 pdf

Bridge Inspection Report, Washington State Department of Transportation (SWDOT), November 29, 2012 pdf

Bridge Inspection Report, Washington State Department of Transportation (SWDOT), August 25, 2012 pdf

Related Post-Bridge Collapse Legislation

Washington State Senate Bill 5944 pdf

Washington State Senate Bill 5944 Report pdf

Other Related Materials

Tech Note:Skagit River Bridge Lightweight Concrete, Washington State Department of Transportion (WSDOT) pdf

Washington State Bridge Inspection Manual, Washington State Department of Transporation, November 2012 pdf

Assessing the Use of Navigation Systems in the Trucking Industry, American Transportation Research Institute, April 2013 pdf

GPS Selection Guide For CMVs Visor Card, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration pdf

The crash severity impacts of fixed roadside objects, Journal of Safety Research 36 (2005) pdf

National Bridge Inspection Standards, Rules and Regulations, Federal Highway
Administration (FHWA), Federal Register, Vol. 69, No. 239, Tuesday, December 14, 2004

2013 Annual Bridge Report, Skagit County Department of Public Works, 2013 pdf