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82-Year-Old Driver Causes Serious Crash With UPS Truck. Victim Retains Attorney

Posted on Nov 09, 2018

elderly driver caused accidentA UPS driver who was injured in an accident caused by a senior citizen driver has retained Davis Law Group to represent him/her in possible legal action related to the accident.  

In July 2018 the UPS truck was traveling at about 15-20 mph on Seabeck Highway Northwest near Northwest Henderson Hill Road in Silverdale when the elderly driver made a sudden and unexpected turn in front of him.  The UPS truck stuck the 2007 Ford F150.  

The UPS driver suffered serious injuries that later required surgery.  He will likely have a permanent disability.

The elderly driver told law enforcement officials that the sun light and shade in the area that day caused him to not see the UPS truck.  

As drivers age, vision changes can impair their ability to drive safely.  Age-related vision changes and eye diseases can negatively affect your driving abilities, even before you are aware of symptoms. Senior drivers with vision problems can underestimate gaps in the flow of traffic or have difficulties viewing traffic signals, pavement markings, or street signs.  Many senior citizens experience slower reaction times which prevent them from avoiding potential hazards. Slow reaction times and confusion can cause serious motor vehicle accidents. 

DLG Case Number: 202123

Photo Credit: Washington State Patrol