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‘National Safety Month’ kicks off with Focus Accidental Overdose

Posted on Jun 01, 2010


Seattle, WA -  Seattle's Davis Law Group is pleased to announce that it is supporting the National Safety Commission's "National Safety Month"  which is raising awareness of accidental overdose of prescription drugs this week. Accidental drug overdose in the United States is on the rise, founder Chris Davis is wants to reverse the statistics.

It has been reported that from 1993 to 2003, accidental drug overdose increased 107 percent in the United States. Currently, this statistic is hitting home at the firm as Davis continues to work through a wrongful death case in which a mother lost her son to an fatal drug overdose at Children's Hospital in Seattle.

The case focuses on young man went to Children's for a routine dental procedure but was prescribed a lethal dose of a powerful narcotic pain killer and died that evening. This is been a devastating experience for the boy's family who hired Davis to help them pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

As National Safety Month's first weekly focal point, accidental drug overdoses can be reduced with an increase in awareness and understanding of prescription drugs. Even though a drug may be sold over the counter or prescribed by a trained professional, the fact remains that all many medicines have the potential to kill.

After helping thousands of personal injury victims pursue legal action, Davis authored a series of books which he offers as a public service free of charge. Each book is designed to help victims and their families navigate the legal process when they or a loved one, have been seriously injured due the negligence of another.

"Working from the premise that „knowledge is power,‟ I hope my books and the efforts of organizations that support National Safety Month will help educate the public on ways to prevent injuries, save innocent lives and improve the ability to protect victim's rights."

 Davis has authored The Ten Biggest Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Accident Case, When The Dog Bites: The Essential Guide To Dog Bite Claims, Little Kids, Big Accidents: What Every Parent Should Know about Children and Accidents, Wrongful Death in Washington State, and his latest book, Washington Injury Law: A Reference Guide for Accident Victims.

National Safety Week is sponsored by the National Safety Council along with additional sponsorship provided by John Deere, Toyota Motor Company and Walmart.