Most Common Legal Questions About Injury Accident Cases

Posted on Aug 25, 2010

Wondering what questions are most asked by injury victims?  We were curious too.  So we analyzed our website traffic data and determined that the thousands of people who visit our website each month are most interested in getting answers to these pressing personal injury questions. 

  1. Is there a bicycle helmet law in Seattle, King County or Washington State?
  2. What is the formula for calculating a fair car accident settlement?
  3. What is leash law? Does it apply in Washington State?
  4. What can I get (how much money) for my car accident injuries?
  5. How should I deal with insurance adjustors?
  6. What can I get (how much money) for my car accident injuries?
  7. What are some examples of medical malpractice?
  8. How many people die every year as a result of dog bites?
  9. How much is my case worth?
  10. I was injured in a rear-end collision where little damage was caused to my vehicle. The other driver's insurance company is denying my claim, saying that I could not possibly have been injured when the damage to my car was so small. What do I do now?