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Legal Action Against Seattle Children's Hospital In Toxic Mold Cases

Posted on Nov 21, 2019

As previously posted, Davis Law Group currently represents the families of several children who tragically contracted serious fungal infections after being exposed to aspergillus mold during surgeries at Seattle Children’s Hospital

The mothers, fathers and family members of the children we represent are shocked and dismayed by the continuing aspergillus problem at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  They trusted Seattle Children’s Hospital with their precious children and feel that their trust has been violated.

In all the cases we represent the patients are still being treated by Seattle Children’s Hospital for the invasive pediatric aspergillosis infections and/or the side-effects of the antifungal medications.  The long-term prognosis of the infected children is still unknown.

At this point lawsuits have not been filed in these cases due to the ongoing treatment and the children’s uncertain future. 

These are families are of limited means who do not have the financial resources to seek treatment elsewhere.  At this point in time the families we represent do not wish to identify themselves for fear that it could possibly change the quality of treatment their children will receive at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  

We respect the privacy of our clients, and therefore have nothing additional to comment about these cases at this time. 

Lawyers Handling Children's Hospital Mold Cases

Davis Law Group has experience handling medical malpractice and negligence claims against Seattle Children's Hospital.  We have handled numerous cases against Seattle Children's including cases involving the wrongful death of a child. Many of the settlements we have reached with Seattle Children's on behalf of our clients involve confidentiality agreements that prohibit us from disclosing additional information.

If you or a loved one is concerned about your legal rights and options after being exposed to aspergillus mold at Seattle Children's Hospital, our attorneys are hear to speak with you about your case. We will work with you to evaluate your options and help you better understand if it makes sense to hire a lawyer.

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