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Lawsuit Filed In I-5 Rear-End Semi Truck Accident

Posted on Dec 07, 2018

Limon v. J & H Express, Inc., et al

Attorney Chris Davis has filed a civil lawsuit on behalf of a man that was injured when he was rear ended by a semi truck in February 2016 near Seattle. 

The lawsuit claims that the defendant  acted negligently and ultimately caused the accident which took place on Interstate 5 just north of Denny Way.  Defendant Vladimir Butylev was driving the 1994 Freightliner semi truck registered to J&H Express, Inc. when he failed to slow for traffic and struck the plaintiff’s Ford F-450 truck. 

Upon impact, the victim’s body was violently jolted and tossed around the inside of the vehicle hitting against the interior components.  His head was thrown backwards and then snapped forward in a whiplash like motion, bluntly striking against the seat/headrest of the vehicle.  Additionally, his body was slammed against the restrain of his seatbelt. 

The victim suffered injuries to his back, neck and shoulders.  He has required months of treatment resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. 

J & H Express Inc is a Washington State Corporation operating at least 35 trucks and employing 58 truck drivers. 

semi truck rear end accidentDLG Case Number: 201583
Case Type: Trucking accident
Case Title: Limon v. J & H Express, Inc., et al
Docket: 18‑2‑56225‑2 SEA
Court: Superior Court of King County for Washington
Date Filed: 12/4/2018