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Lawsuit Filed In Seattle Uber Pedestrian Accident Case

Posted on Apr 01, 2021

Seattle uber pedestrian accident lawsuitDavis Law Group has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a female pedestrian struck by an Uber in downtown Seattle.

On December 4, 2019, Nancy James (plaintiff) was a pedestrian walking westbound on Columbia Street approaching 4th Ave in Seattle, King County, Washington. At the same time, Ayo T. Emmatrice (defendant) was operating an Uber-ride share vehicle traveling westbound on Columbia Ave. N.

James lawfully entered into a marked crosswalk on a solid green light with the intention of crossing Fourth Avenue.  She then started to cross Fourth Avenue while the pedestrian light was activated in her favor.  

As she was walking within the marked crosswalk, Emmatrice attempted to turn right onto Fourth Avenue from Columbia Street.  Emmatrice then failed to yield to Plaintiff James while she was inside the marked crosswalk.  At the time of the collision, Emmatrice was transporting an Uber customer in his vehicle.  Emmatrice’s vehicle then struck James while she was inside the marked crosswalk. 

As a result of the collision, James sustained multiple, serious and life-changing injuries.
Plaintiff James sustained serious bodily injuries and other damages as a result of the collision.  Immediately after the collision, James was transported by ambulance to Harborview Medical center to treat her serious and life-threatening injuries. She was found to have suffered a moderate traumatic brain injury, grade 3 liver laceration, left holohemispheric subdural hematoma, traumatic intracranial and subarachnoid hemorrhages, cerebral contusions, multiple skin tears and lacerations requiring suturing, irrigation and debridement to right upper and lower extremities, scalp laceration, right upper extremity degloving injury, and right tibia/fibula fracture with exposed bone, right hemiparesis, sensory loss, impaired cognition, decreased endurance, impaired balance, pain and dysphonia, among other injuries. She was inpatient at Harborview Medical Center for more than 20 days. She continues to receive treatment and also attends counseling to deal with the emotional toll of the subject incident.

Case Title: James v. Emmatrice
Case Number: 20-2-13124-5 SEA
Date Filed: 08/26/2020
Court: King County Superior Court
DLG Case Number: 202544

Photo Credit: KOMO News