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Imperial Parking Employee Sued For Hitting Wheelchair Pedestrian Near Asian Plaza In Seattle

Posted on May 23, 2019
Pedestrian Accident Near Asian Plaza
First responders at the scene.  Photo credit: Capture from Seattle PD bodycam.

Court: Superior Court of King County for Washington
‚ÄčDocket: 19-2-11538-6 SEA  See the court filing.
Date Filed: 4/29/2019

Attorney Chris Davis of Davis Law Group, P.S. has filed a civil lawsuit in King County Superior Court (19-2-11538-6 SEA) against Imperial Parking and one of its employees on behalf of a wheelchair-bound homeless man that was struck in a crosswalk in October 2018.  

At about 8:50am the homeless man was lawfully moving with the ‘walk’ signal inside the crosswalk at the intersection of 12th Avenue South and South Jackson Street in Seattle (near Asian Plaza) when the driver of a 2017 Toyota Tacoma decided to turn right from southbound 12th Avenue South onto westbound South Jackson Street.  Witnesses say that the vehicle struck the motorized wheelchair and the homeless man was thrown to the ground.  

The driver, who was in a vehicle owned by Imperial Parking LLC, told police that he “simply did not see the pedestrian.”  The driver was cited for inattention and no proof of insurance.  

The homeless man was transported to the Emergency Room at Swedish Medical Center where he was treated for multiple fractures to his legs and knees.

According to the complaint for damages the defendant breached his duty of care and his duty to act reasonably by  colliding into a pedestrian that was lawfully inside a marked crosswalk with the pedestrian signal in the pedestrian’s favor. 

Attorney Chris Davis said, "My firm has filed several wheelchair vs. automobile accident lawsuits in recent years. It seems like these kinds of cases are on the rise in King County." 

DLG Case Number: 202154