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Family Returning From Vacation Suffers Injuries In Uber Crash

Posted on Dec 07, 2016

accident in an uber carA family injured while passengers in an Uber vehicle have retained Davis Law Group to represent them in possible legal action related to the accident that took place on August 16, 2016 at around 5:30pm.    

The Uber vehicle, a 2015 Toyota RAV 4, was traveling north on Aurora Avenue / Highway 99 when a southbound Jeep Grand Cherokee suddenly attempted a left turn from the center lane and hit the Uber vehicle head-on.  

The husband/father was sitting in the front seat of the Uber car.  The wife/mother was sitting in the back seat with the two young children.  The wife/mother suffered serious injuries to her face including a broken nose, broken cheek bone and broken eyesocket.  The two children suffered serious injuries to their chests and necks.  The husband/father had injuries to his stomach, low-back and neck.  

CALL FOR WITNESSES:  Investigators working for Davis Law Group are also looking into the circumstances which caused this collision.  Attorney Chris Davis is asking that any persons who saw this incident; who may have come upon the scene after the crash; took photos/video; anyone who may have tried to offer assistance on the scene or who had any contact with any of the victims; or anyone who has any information about the accident to please call Davis Law Group at 206-727-4000.  

Case Number: 201520