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Dog Bite Lawsuit Filed After Woman Suffers Serious Facial Injuries From Thanksgiving Day Attack

Posted on May 30, 2019
dog bite face lip injury
Injuries to victim's lip.  Photo credit: Davis Law Group

Davis Law Group, P.S., a law firm known for representing victims of serious dog attacks, has filed a dog bite lawsuit in Snohomish County Superior Court (18-2-09872-31) on behalf of a 31 year-old woman who suffered serious injuries to her face during a Thanksgiving celebration in 2016.  

While visiting the home of her boyfriend’s family for Thanksgiving dinner, the victim was suddenly attacked by the homeowner’s recently adopted rescue dog, a mastiff/lab mix.  

At approximately 5:00 p.m. family members and guests began to enter the kitchen/dining area for dinner.  As the victim walked past the dog it suddenly jumped up at her; bit her face; and knocked her to the ground.  

The victim’s lower lip was severely ripped.  The inside of her lip was detached from her jaw.  She suffered numerous bite and puncture wounds all over her face.  She required 30-40 stitches, plastic surgery and scar revision procedures but she will have permanent scaring.  

The lawsuit claims that the dog owners breached their duty to act reasonably by, among other things, failing to control, confine, secure, leash and/or muzzle the dog so it could not menace human beings or other animals.  As the owners, keepers and/or harborers of the dog, the owners are strictly liable for the injuries and damages caused to the victim as mandated by the dog liability statute at RCW 16.08 et seq.

DLG Case Number: 201902
Docket: 18-2-09872-31
Court: Superior Court of Snohomish County for Washington
Date Filed: 11/2/2018

Dog Bite Lawsuit: Complaint For Damages