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TV INTERVIEW: KIRO TV Coverage of Dog Mauling Attack

Posted on Nov 29, 2007

Seattle attorney Chris Davis was recently interviewed by KIRO TV concerning the recent dog mauling attack in Pierce County. Sue Ann Gorman was recently attacked by two pit bulls that broke into her home. The dogs were owned by neighbors. Gorman was viciously attacked after the dogs broke into her home through a sliding glass door while she was sleeping. Gorman believes the pit bulls were after her pet dogs. Gorman was severely injured and described the attack as dogs "ripping off her skin." She must now undergo wound care and possible plastic surgery in the future.

KIRO TV contacted Mr. Davis as a legal expert on dog bite cases. Davis was asked about what happens to most dog bite cases. "Most of these cases are settled out of court by the insurance companies," says Davis. "Only rarely is a dog owner ever criminally prosecuted for an attack committed by the owner's dog." Davis states, "Often times these cases, particularly those involving children as victims, can settle for amounts well into the six figures. The insurance companies usually do not like to see these cases go to trial."