Woodin Elementary School Teacher Receives School Supplies Gift

Help a public school teacher in Washington State


Yaravi Angell-Astete is the Recipient of $100 Classroom Award

Golden Apple Award Winner
Davis Law Group, P.S., a Seattle-based law firm, in partnership with OfficeMax, is pleased to announce that Yaravi Angell-Astete is a recipient of the Davis Law Group School Supplies Gift Program. Ms. Angell-Astete is a 1st grade teacher at Woodin Elementary School.

Ms. Angell-Astete is a dual language teacher with 24 students, half of which are Native Spanish speakers who are learning English. She is also teaching her English speaking students Spanish.

“Yaravi is awesome. She is very patient and friendly,” her friend Melina Lara said, who nominated her for the award. “She truly works very hard to be a great educator.”

Ms. Angell-Astete also incorporates visuals, movements, songs, and poetry into her classroom for a hands-on learning experience. She believes this is important in order for her children to learn the content through the languages. In the morning she teaches in Spanish and the afternoon in English.

“At any given time, half of the class is learning in their second language,” she said.

Ms. Angell-Astete spends at least $300 of her own money each year on her classroom. She plans to use this award for more language learning books, materials and field trip experiences.

Attorney Chris Davis and his wife started a program to help public school teachers get extra classroom supplies without having to spend their own money. The Davis Law Group School Supplies Gift Program gives a $100 OfficeMax gift card each week to a deserving Washington State Public school teacher and his/her class. Anyone can nominate a teacher for this program, teachers, and students, parents, and administrators.