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Washington Assistive Technology Provider Directory

The official Washington Case Management Service Provider list of assistive technology service providers in Washington, courtesy of Davis Law Group.

It should be noted that Davis Law Group does not endorse any specific medical case management service providers. We recommend that accident victims do additional research to find the service provider that best fits their needs. 

There is no fee for being listed. The order of the listings has no meaning and demonstrates no preference as to the providers. 

Name of Business Website City State Phone
Washington Assistive Technology Act Program Seattle WA 800-214-8731
Edith Bishel Center Kennewick WA 509-735-0699
Next Generation Technologies, Inc. Lynnwood WA 425-744-1100
Next Level Assistive Technology, Inc. Vancouver WA 360-326-8031

What are Assistive Technology Companies?

Wheelchairs, hearing aids, voice recognition programs and automatic page-turners can oftentimes be provided to accident victims by a technology solutions company. By having the insurance companies assist with payment, these technologies are cost-effective and beneficial. 

Severe injuries can cause severe damage to a person's ability to perform everyday functions. Assistive technologies are rapidly improving and can help someone with an injury live more comfortably.

Get Listed in the Washington Case Management Service Provider Directory

Davis Law Group offers relevant content, legal information and resources for accident victims in Washington state. The firm recently debuted a section of its website to provide resources to accident victims and their families.

You have the opportunity to list your business in the Washington Case Management Service Provider Directory.

There are two ways to apply to be listed:

1. Visit us:, and fill out the required form.


2. Send an email to: [email protected].

In the subject line, type: "Resource Page Application"

In the message, type the following, using the below format:

Category: Type of provider

Name: Business name

Contact Information: Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number, Website

Deadline for Submitting a Provider Listing

There is no deadline to submit a listing. Davis Law Group lists the providers from top to bottom on the specific category page by the date of the listing request.

The earlier you request a listing, the higher up on the page your company will be listed. 

Davis Law Group has full discretion on whether to list any website.

There is no charge to have your company listed on the website. 

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