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Crosswalk cases that have reached the Supreme Court of Washington State

Krogh v. Pemble, 50 Wn.2d 250, 310 P.2d 1069 (1957)

  • A crosswalk exists whenever the requirements of RCW 46.04.160 are met.

Hanson v. Anderson, 52 Wn.2d 601, 335 P.2d 581 (1959)

  • A pedestrian is guilty of contributory negligence when they cross where it is noted they should not be crossing. 

Iwata v. Champine, 74 Wn.2d 844, 447 P.2d 175 (1968)

  • A pedestrian is guilty of contributory negligence when they step from a place of safety into the path of an approaching vehicle, when the vehicle is too.

Jung v. York, 75 Wn.2d 195, 449 P.2d 409 (1969)

  • A pedestrian has no duty to stop and look before proceeding into the second lane of traffic, as the pedestrian is entitled to assume the right of way. 

Shasky v. Burden, 78 Wn.2d 193, 200, 470 P .2d 544 (1970)

  • The right-of-way protection afforded pedestrians in a marked crosswalk is an exceedingly strong one and a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk has a right to rely on such protection and to assume that motorists will respect it. 

Pudmaroff v. Allen, 138 Wn.2d 55, 67, 977 P.2d 574 (1999)

  •  The crosswalk protection enjoyed by pedestrians extends to bicyclists.