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Cases involving children that have reached the Supreme Court of Washington State

Graving v. Dorn, 63 Wash.2d 236, 386 P.2d 621 (1963)

  • Child from ages six to fourteen years old are not rebuttably unable of being contributorily negligent. 

Harbeson v. Parke-Davis, Inc., and the United States of America, 98 Wash.2d 460, 656 P.2d 483 (1983)

  • (1) Parents can sustain action for a wrongful birth and;
  • (2) The child can sustain action for wrongful life.

Jenkins v. Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1, 105 Wash.2d 99, 713 P.2d 79 (1986)

  • A deposition given by a child under the age of ten, who was present at the time of the accident, is inadmissible in court. 

Price v. Kitsap Transit, 125 Wash.2d 456, 888 P.2d 556 (1994)

  • A four-year-old child is not capable of fault and was not “entity” to which fault could be apportioned.