Reviews and Testimonials of 'Little Kids, Big Accidents' by Chris Davis

For parents, a child injury can be one of the scariest things in the world. Not only are children more prone to accidents than adults, but they are also at greater risk of injury and long-term complications because their bodies and brains are underdeveloped. Once a child is injured in an accident, it can be difficult to know where to turn or how to ensure that the child is properly cared for.

Seattle attorney Chris Davis has written several books on personal injury law and the legal process, including "Little Kids, Big Accidents: What Every Parent Should Know About Children & Accidents" as part of an effort to better educate accident victims and their families. Below are just a few of the kind words that parents and legal experts alike have had to say about their experience in reading Mr. Davis's book:


Every parent whose child has had the slightest injury to their head should read Chris' Davis' chapter about traumatic brain injury.  You will learn that it is not diagnosed in most instances.  Chris' book will help you understand the possibility of that life changing injury when you might not think there is an injury.  You should know about this to protect your child.  As an attorney in Alabama, who for over the last 30 years has helped people including those seriously injured and family members where there is a wrongful death, I can tell you that Chris Davis sensitively discusses both the legal and practical issues of child injures.  Besides brain injury, he also guides you as he discusses other injuries to children.  His book includes valuable resources.  He also accurately describes the jury "selection" process.  If you live in Washington State, you would make a big mistake not to obtain his expert guidance should you face the tragedy or even the possibility of an injured child. 

-Richard Ebbinghouse, Attorney at Law, Birmingham, Al

Christopher Davis is, without question, an expert in the legal field of personal injury claims, as well as the highly specialized area of such claims dealing with children who have been harmed due to the carelessness of others.  Mr. Davis' book, Little Kids, Big Accidents, is a "must read' for all parents and guardians facing the prospect of bringing an injury claim on behalf of a child.  As a fellow personal injury lawyer, I can tell you in no uncertain terms that Mr. Davis would be my choice if I had to prosecute a children's injury lawsuit in the state of Washington.

-James R. Parrish, Attorney at Law, Manassas, Va

This book is a ‘must read’ for every concerned parent. Chris Davis gives parents the benefit of his considerable experience and insight regarding our civil justice system as it pertains to children and accidents. Chris's personal experiences as an attorney, father and child safety advocate are invaluable and will help guide parents of injured children through the maze of our legal system. Through his book Chris Davis clearly illustrates why he is among the best child advocates in America. 

-Thomas Kiley, Attorney at Law, Boston, Ma

Little Kids, Big Accidents should be any parent or guardian's first reference if their child has been seriously injured in Washington.  It is informative, well organized and easy to understand.  No parent or guardian should walk into a lawyer's office or deal with a claims adjuster on a child's injury claim without reading this book.  The citizens of Washington are indeed fortunate to have the benefit of this public service by attorney Chris Davis.

-James W Dodson, Attorney at Law, Clearwater, Fl

Chris Davis’s Little Kids, Big Accidents is without a doubt the best and most complete guide I have ever read on accidents involving children. This is a ‘must read’ for every parent, whether their child has been in an accident or not. The information will help inform you of the legal process as well as give you information that will help you prevent your child from even being in an accident.

-Michael Schafer, Attorney at Law, Louisville, Ky

This book is the most valuable tool a parent could ask for in the awful event that a child is injured by someone else.  It is comprehensive – a real ‘soup to nuts’ look at the process from beginning to end.  Here are the questions to ask, the traps to avoid, the tools to get you and your family through the scariest thing a parent can endure.  Every parent who reads this book will be better prepared to help their own child.

-Sandra Rohrstaff, Attorney at Law, Alexandria, Va

"Your daughter has been injured on the playground and we think she has a lacerated liver.  Come to All Children's Hospital immediately!"  As  I drove, panic stricken to the hospital, all the "what ifs" a parent can face started to run through my mind.  As a trial lawyer, I have been trained to "think logically". but that logic went out the window!  Even lawyers like me need a  book like Little Kids, Big Accidents.  Chris Davis has written a  thoughtful and sensitive book to help all parents with the "what ifs" they face when their child is injured or, tragically, is killed. This book provides guidance, comfort, and answers to the many questions you y have.  As a parent and as a lawyer, I  think this book is required reading and a must read!

-Nancy Cavey, Attorney at Law, St. Petersburg, Fl

Attorneys who genuinely care about their clients and have the necessary expertise are hard to find, but easy to spot.  In writing Little Kids, Big Accidents, Christopher Davis leaves no doubt that he is such an attorney. Armed with experience, knowledge and compassion, he has created a book that will guide parents through the frightening and confusing process of seeking fair redress for their children’s injuries.

-Vaughan deKirby, Attorney at Law, San Francisco, CA