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Most Common Types of Wrongful Death Cases

types of wrongful deathWhile an attorney can never fully make up for the loss of your loved ones, a lawyer can help you and your family in seeking full financial compensation from all those responsible for your loved one’s death.  

The attorneys at Seattle-based Davis Law Group, P.S., accept wrongful death cases from across Washington state. If your loved one has died, it is important to:

  • Gather all of the facts and find out exactly how your loved one died
  • Research if you can bring a wrongful death lawsuit in a Washington state court
  • Act before the statute of limitations expires and prevents your fair recovery

Davis Law Group accepts wrongful death cases arising from the following:

  • Car accident: Thousands of people are killed every day in motor vehicle accidents, many due to the negligence of other drivers. A wrongful death suit is often necessary for the victim’s family to recover financially.
  • Motorcycle accident: When a motorcyclist dies because of the negligence of another driver, the rider’s family has a right to recover compensation for the loss of their loved one.
  • Bicycle accident: Much like motorcyclists and pedestrians, bicyclists do not have the protection of a motorist. When a collision occurs, a family may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit.
  • Truck accident: Due to the size and weight advantages of large trucks, collisions with passenger vehicles are often fatal. Trucking companies have commercial liability policies that the loved ones family may be entitled to.
  • Pedestrian accident: This type of accident can occur at any time, and depending on a vehicle’s speed and actions, may be fatal to the pedestrian.
  • Dog bite: A serious dog bite can result in excessive bleeding, an infection, or other complications that may result in death. 
  • Drunk driving accident: It is illegal to drive drunk in Washington state. Unfortunately, far too many people continue to break the law and cause crashes that kill innocent people. Holding drunk drivers accountable via a wrongful death lawsuit may be necessary.
  • Drowsy driving accident: Many studies have shown that drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. A drowsy driver that causes a fatal accident should be held accountable with a wrongful death lawsuit.
  • Distracted driving accident: A driver that choose to use their cell phone instead of focus on the road is negligent and may be held responsible for a fatal accident through the wrongful death lawsuit process. 
  • Medical malpractice: If a medication or medical procedure caused a death of your loved one, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit to hold the at-fault party responsible.
  • Nursing home abuse: These are places that should be caring for the elderly. When a nursing home is negligent and does harm to a loved one, they can cause wrongful deaths.
  • Other accidents: There are many different types of other wrongful death cases an attorney will accept. If you have any questions about a possible wrongful death claim, don’t hesitate to contact the Davis Law Group.

Washington State Wrongful Death Lawyers

When it comes to wrongful death, the details vary from case to case. At Davis Law Group, our experienced fatal accident attorneys are very familiar with the multitude of challenges that families in Seattle and Washington state often experience when they have to deal with the wrongful death of a loved one firsthand.

Those who are responsible for the wrongful death of another should be held accountable for what they have done. For a free case evaluation with an experienced wrongful death lawyer call Davis Law Group at (206) 727-4000, use the chat feature below or fill out the form on this page.

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