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Contrary to popular belief, Sedgwick is not an actual insurance company. Formerly known as Sedgwick CMS, this third-party administrator (TPA) is a company that insurers hire to provide claims processing services on their behalf. People often make the mistake that their insurance claim is “against Sedgwick” because the person they are dealing with is a Sedgwick employee.

Third-party administrators like Sedgwick are hired to handle the claims investigation & adjusting process for the insurance companies. This is convenient for smaller insurance companies or those which have a limited claims adjusting staff, or no claims staff at all. Over the years, Sedgwick has gained additional market share by leveraging its success to acquire other smaller third-party administrators.

Sedgwick also commonly represents large corporations such as Target, Sears, Kroger, Home Depot, Walgreens, and other non-insurers who naturally require assistance processing personal injury claims. These corporations are more likely to be the subject of a premises liability or product liability claim, though many of them also operate a fleet of vehicles and could be sued as a result of commercial trucking collisions as well.

More Background Information About Sedgwick

Sedgwick has approximately 10,000 employees spread across the United States and Canada, and is the largest third-party administrator in the United States according to recent data. Its field investigators and claims processors work tirelessly to fight against injury claims on behalf of the company’s clientele. Ultimately, the company is rewarded for minimizing payouts to injury victims and their loved ones, which of course increases the corporations’ profitability.

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All insurance companies have an incentive to resolve all personal injury claims as cheaply as possible. However, when there is a third-party administrator like Sedgwick involved, the fight gets taken to another level. TPA’s are retained by large corporations based on their historical performance and savings passed on to their clients. This pressure to deliver the lowest payouts for their clients means an even tougher fight with innocent victims who pursue legitimate injury claims.

Other Third-Party Administrator’s Competing With Sedgwick

Sedgwick has historically been one of the largest third-party administrators in the industry. ranks the following third-party administrators in order of 2017 gross revenue:

  1. Sedgwick - $1.8B
  2. Crawford & Co/Broadspire - $1.1B
  3. UMR, Inc. - $830M
  4. York Risk Services Group, Inc. - $780M
  5. Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. - $775M
  6. Corvel Corp - $519M
  7. Meritain Health - $452M
  8. ESIS, Inc. - $395M
  9. Helmsman Management Services LLC - $294M
  10. CoreSource, Inc. - $195M

Legal Help Recovering A Fair Settlement From Sedgwick

If you or a loved one has been injured through no fault of your own and you are having difficulty negotiating with Sedgwick to recover a fair settlement for your injuries, you may need the assistance of a qualified personal injury attorney who has experience representing seriously injured victims.

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