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Roadway Debris Accidents

Liability & Legal Help For Unsecured Load Crashes

debris accident lawyerDrivers are required by Washington state law to ensure that all property and cargo loads are properly secured to their vehicles. If a commercial truck, pickup truck, or other type of vehicle loses control of its cargo and causes an accident, that driver may be held liable for the damages that result from such a collision. 

The award-winning team of attorneys at Davis Law Group can help you better understand your legal rights after an accident caused by roadway debris or an unsecured cargo load. We have helped accident victims in Seattle and across the state of Washington get the compensation they deserve for more than 25 years. 

Who Is Responsible For A Roadway Debris Accident?

The truth is, there are several different parties who may potentially be held legally responsible for any type of car accident, including one that involves roadway debris or an unsecured cargo load. The person who is driving the vehicle may be partially liable, while someone responsible for loading and/or securing the cargo may also have a certain level of responsibility. 

If the vehicle which was responsible for transporting the cargo is a semi-truck or other type of commercial vehicle, the company which owns and operates the vehicle may also share liability. And of course, the insurance company or companies which cover the drivers and/or vehicles involved in a roadway debris incident will have financial liability, meaning they will be expected to cover the damages that result from an accident. 

Identifying all potential responsible parties for any auto accident is a complex process that may require the assistance of a qualified personal injury attorney. Our office will review your accident case free of charge to help you determine if hiring an injury attorney may increase the chances of a successful resolution to your case. 

Fallen Cargo, Lost Load, and Roadway Debris Cause 10% of All Car Accidents

In one study, more than 200,000 car accidents nationwide between the years of 2011 and 2014 were found to have been caused by roadway debris or unsecured loads. Particularly during the Spring and Summer months vehicles hauling yard debris, household belongings, luggage, recreational vehicles and other loads that are not properly secured increases the number of roadway debris accidents.

Semi-trucks or delivery trucks with unsecured items falling from vehicles onto the roadway are responsible for collisions and blocked roadways that slow the flow of traffic for everyone. These collisions happen more often than one would think, and can leave innocent victims with serious and life-threatening injuries.

The driver of a motor vehicle is always responsible for making sure that the vehicle is safe to travel down the road and any items being hauled are secure. Never assume that an item will stay put just because of weight. Large items like furniture can escape in the road if not properly secured. If something escapes from a vehicle or trailer and causes property damage, the driver is subject to misdemeanor charges. If something falls out and causes bodily injury, the driver is subject to gross misdemeanor charges, which could result in a $5,000 fine or one year in jail.  And the driver may be required to pay civil damages as well.

Free Consultation With An Experienced Accident Lawyer

Davis Law Group's team of personal injury lawyers have helped accident victims across Washington state get the compensation they deserve after an accident for more than 25 years. Proper investigation and collection of evidence is crucial in debris accident cases, and hiring the right attorney can ensure you get fair compensation for your damages. 

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