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Respiratory Injuries in a Washington Accident

collapsed lungPeople who have been involved in an auto accident in Washington state suffer a variety of injuries. Among the most important organs in the body are the lungs, and when they become damaged, the consequences are serious. 

The lungs, important sacs that help transfer oxygen from the air to the blood, provide vital nutrients for all of the body's tissues. A collapsed lung can develop in a crash, leading to serious consequences for the people involved.

All types of injuries should be treated by trained professionals as soon as possible.

Types of Respiratory Injuries in an Accident

A victim’s lungs may suffer in several different ways following an accident. Depending on the circumstances and severity of the accident, victims may experience one or more of the following respiratory injuries:

  • Punctured lung: A victim involved in a serious accident may suffer a punctured lung. This happens when a heavy, sharp object plunges into the lung, causing air to leak into the chest cavity. This creates pressure on the victim’s body and can be extremely painful.
  • Collapsed lung: A punctured lung may lead to a collapsed lung in some cases. When the air seeps into the area around the lung, it puts pressure on the lung and limits the ability to breath. Breathing difficulties, or suffocation, may occur if not treated immediately.
  • Chemical burn: Motor vehicles, motorcycles, and especially large semi-trucks have engines that contain a number of chemicals. Those chemicals may be flammable and burn the lungs if ingested.
  • Smoke damage: The smoke from a car accident or semi-truck accident may get into the lungs and cause long-term damage.
  • Breathe in hazardous cargo: Some semi-trucks or tractor-trailers may be carrying hazardous chemicals or products, which are harmful if inhaled. Breathing these in may cause respiratory complications.

In addition to the physical toll respiratory injuries take on the victim, there may also be emotional distress involved as well. Lung injuries take time to recover from, and the rehabilitation process can be scary and worrying. 

Unfortunately, breathing problems don’t go away immediately. Respiratory injuries can affect a victim’s ability to perform their job, exercise, or enjoy life as they had previously. 

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