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Red-Light Running Accidents

running a red light causes accident seattle washington state lawCar Accidents Caused By A Driver Running A Red Light

Across Washington State, running a red light is a major issue in intersection safety.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) red light running is a leading cause of urban crashes and often causes injury and death. IIHS reports that half of the people killed in red-light running crashes are drivers and pedestrians hit by the red-light runners.

Injured in a Red-Light Running Collision

Red-light running incidents often result in broadside or t-bone accidents which can cause serious injuries that require a great deal of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and  physical therapy.  Red-light accident victims have high medical bills, lost wages, other economic damages, and pain & suffering losses.  These kinds of cases can almost always benefit from the assistance of a car accident attorney that has the experience and expertise to competently negotiate and fair and reasonable settlement or courtroom jury award.

Washington State Red-Light Running Laws

A complete stop at traffic signals is required before proceeding or turning—even where it is legal to turn right at a red light.  According to RCW 46.61.050 “the driver of any vehicle…shall obey the instructions of any official traffic control device...”  This includes red-lights and other traffic signals that are placed on roadways and at intersections. 

Reducing Red-Light Running Accidents in Washington State

In an effort to reduce red-light running accidents, the State of Washington and the City of Seattle have adopted laws that allow automated camera enforcement of selected traffic safety statutes and ordinances. City of Seattle Ordinance No. 121944 authorizes the installation and operation of automated cameras to enforce the city's stoplight ordinances.

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