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Personal injury law with a personal touch.™

personal touchThere is a line from an old movie that goes something like, "Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal." That is especially the case when your world has been forever altered by a life-changing injury or the loss of a loved one.

For all of us at Davis Law Group, handling your injury claim is personal, very personal.

Davis Law Group is a family business. Unlike many other law firms in the Seattle area, Davis Law Group is locally owned and operated by attorney Chris Davis, with the help of his wife Mischelle.

Chris & Mischelle strive to build a close working relationship with each of their clients.

Locally Owned & Operated

At many of the big, old-school law firms in the area the attorney that works on your case may not the attorney whose name is on the door. Why? Because the founder of the firm may be retired; may live in another state; may not be licensed to practice law in Washington; or may be perpetually out-of-the-office (on the golf course or a plesure trip). In such cases, a younger, less experienced attorney could be handling your case. Or, even worse, your case could be handed off to an entirely different attorney or law firm. Two of the law firms that do the most television advertising in our area operate in this way.

At Davis Law Group, Chris Davis oversees the legal strategy on every single case. Chris and his wife Mischelle are in the office every day making sure that that your case is being handled with care.

Exceptional Client Service

At Davis Law Group, we believe that a quality client experience is a critical part of getting results for you. Whether it is the receptionist, paralegals, legal assistants or your lawyer, we want to make sure you are experiencing a level of legal service that is personal and professional and that allows you to focus on recovering from your injuries.

We spend a great deal of time creating educational materials for the sake of our clients. We want you to understand the legal process and feel the progression of your personal injury case. Information is power and we know that the more our clients understand about what is happening with their case, the happier they will be in the end.

On your first visit to our office you will receive our New Client Information Kit which contains books, reports, whitepapers, and information sheets which explain everything from basic legal terms to post traumatic stress after an accident. And throughout the lifecycle of your case you will regularly get additional information that will help keep you informed.

A paralegal is assigned to every case and serves as the official ‘case manager’. Clients can call their paralegal anytime to get a status update on their case. Paralegals at Davis Law Group are incentivized based on their ability to deliver excellent client service.

Every client gets Mischelle Davis’ personal cell phone number. You can contact Mischelle anytime day or night if you have an urgent question, complaint, or want to give kudos to a staff member who is doing an exceptional job.