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Located on Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor is a city of 22,075 people, the largest city on the island. Named for the Garry Oak trees which grace its skyline, Oak Harbor’s growth coincided with two major events: the building of Deception Pass Bridge in 1935 and the completion of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in 1942. Since then, Oak Harbor has been a beacon for Island County, Washington.

Residents and visitors to Oak Harbor have a lot to enjoy. There’s Deception Pass State Park, Joseph Whidbey State Park, Dugualla Bay Farms, as well as the Whidbey Playhouse. There really is something for everyone in Oak Harbor. 

Unfortunately, all these activities can lead to accidents that cause injuries. Whether it’s a car or truck accident on State Route 20 by the Acorn Motor Inn, a pedestrian collision near Oak Harbor High School, or a dog bite incident by Windjammer Park and Beach, there’s a lot that can go wrong.  

When You’re Injured in an Oak Harbor Accident

If you live and work in Oak Harbor, it’s possible to be hurt in a personal injury accident. Whether you are commuting, visiting someone else’s house, or just going about your daily activities, you are dependent on the community around you to use reasonable care to keep you safe.

If a driver, a business owner, a property owner, a nursing home, or another person or entity is negligent and causes you injuries, you have a right to seek compensation. What you do after you are hurt will significantly impact your financial recovery.

No matter how you’re hurt in Oak Harbor, the attorneys at Davis Law Group encourage you to contact our office for a free, confidential, no-obligation case evaluation. We can be reached any time via this website, by phone at (206) 727-4000, or by text. 

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Law Firm Review, Vehicle Accident Case
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Our experience with the Davis Law Group was positive from the first moment we consulted with Chris Davis. Chris Davis was attentive, thorough, and helpful throughout a very difficult time. Our paralegal was with us every step of the way with insight and compassion, always responding quickly and effectively with any questions or issues as they arose. I highly recommend the Davis Law Group.
Scott P.