Graham Hill Kindergarten Teacher Wins $100 Award

Kindergarten Teacher at Graham Hill Elementary School Wins $100 Office Max Gift Card for Classroom

Students happy with new classroom suppliesDavis Law Group, P.S., a Seattle-based law firm, is pleased to announce that Patsy Yamada is a recipient of the Davis Law Group School Supplies Gift Program. Mrs. Yamada is a kindergarten teacher at Graham Hills Elementary School, helping her students overcome many obstacles.

Mrs. Yamada has a classroom of twenty-four children, many of which do not speak English and come from single-parent, low income homes. Mrs. Yamada believes in the importance of learning outside the classroom, therefore has incorporated several field trips into her curriculum including visits to the fire station, Seattle Children’s Theatre, the farm and more. She has also incorporated a program with Kurose Middle School, where the kindergartners read to the 8th graders, forming a “buddy reading” system, visiting each other’s schools each week.

Mrs. Yamada spent time in a comprehensive three day class in order to teach her students American Sign Language this year. She believes this will be very beneficial for her students who do not speak English, which is about half of her class.

As a devoted teacher, Mrs. Yamada spends at least $300 of her own money each year on her classroom, and in some cases she has spent up to $900, depending on her students’ needs.

A Big Thank You From Ms. Yamada's Class

Today, we received a packet in the mail full of drawings and thank you notes from Ms. Yamada's students. With the $100 gift card, she purchased binders and colored pencils for her stuents.