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Mutual of Enumclaw Lawsuits & Settlements

Insurance Bad Faith Claims Against Mutual of Enumclaw

If you have been involved in an accident where either you or the at-fault were insured by Mutual of Enumclaw you may have experienced problems dealing with insurance adjustors.  Frequently car accident victims believe that they have issues with insurance bad faith and M of E.  

Lawyer For Mutual of Enumclaw Accident Claims

Davis Law Group, P.S. has experience handling car accident claims against Mutual of Enumclaw.  Founder Chris Davis is one of the most respected and recognized civil litigation lawyers practicing in Washington State.  Davis Law Group has been named Best Injury Law Firm in Washington State by AI Dispute Resolution Awards

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident in Washington State contact attorney Chris Davis and the team at Davis Law Group at (206) 727-4000 to schedule your free legal consultation.

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Mutual of Enumclaw Case Results Settlements

Below are just a few of our firm's successful claims against Mutural of Enumclaw Insurance. 

  • $150,000 Woman Attacked By Pit Bull Mix (Case No. 200670)
  • $74,000 Pedestrian Struck In Hospital Parking Lot (Case No. 200496)
  • $70,000 Motor Vehicle Collision Between Two Vehicles (Case No. 200098)
  • $62,000 Texting Driver Causes Rear-End Collision (Case No. 200394)
  • $50,000 Accident Caused By Unsafe Left-Turning Vehicle (Case No. 200382)
  • $50,000 Motorcycle Hit Head-On By Motor Vehicle (Case No. 200800)
  • $27,000 3-Car Chain Reaction Collision (Case No. 200716)

More Settlements & Verdicts

Unfair Claims Processing Procedures at Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance

On more than one occasion The Washington Supreme Court has found that Mutual of Enumclaw acted in bad faith.   In January 2015 The Seattle Times published an article stating that critics believe that the recent reorganization of Mutual of Enumclaw will institute practices that are not in the best interests of the insurer’s policyholders.  The Better Business Bureau says that Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance company is not BBB accredited and that the company has ignored all complaints made to the BBB. 

‚ÄčAbout Mutual of Enumlaw 

Mutual of Enumclaw is a small property and casualty insurer by national standards — No. 157 ranked by its 2013 premiums, according to SNL Financial — but it’s the 12th largest based on its business in Washington state.  Enumclaw Insurance Group is composed of Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Company (licensed to do business in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah) and Enumclaw Property and Casualty Insurance Company (licensed to do business in Washington, Oregon and Idaho).

According to the Washington State Insurance Commissioner's Office, 2.4% of Washington State insurance policies are issued by Mutual of Enumclaw.