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Microsoft Connector Accidents

Microsoft Connector bus accidentThe Microsoft Connector shuttles full-time employees from Seattle to the company’s campus in Redmond and offices in Bellevue.  The Microsoft Connector, which began in September 2007, is now one of the largest company-owned employee bus services in the US.  The service was created to solve the transportation hassles that plague Microsoft employees commuting to and from Redmond.

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Microsoft Contractor MV Transpiration

Microsoft’s Connector service consists of 45-foot buses, which hold 57 passengers each; 28-seat midsize coaches; and small hybrid and electric sedans.  All of the vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi connections and laptop plug-ins.

Microsoft contracts with Dallas-based MV Transportation, the largest privately-owned passenger transportation contracting firm in the United States. It also operates Amazon’s SLU Shuttle (aka Amazon Ride).

MV Transpiration has a questionable safety record and high employee turnover.  Between 2008 and 2010, MV Transpiration was fined 295 times by Fairfield City, California transit officials for poor performance, including too many accidents, missed bus runs and late buses.

Accidents On Microsoft Connector Employee Shuttle

As of December 2017, Microsoft Connector has 23 routes and a network of 94 stops transporting an average of 4,300 employees to and from work each day.  With so many Microsoft Connector buses on the road accidents are inevitable.  In October 2016 a motorcyclist died what he was struck by a Microsoft Connector bus in Redmond. 

Employee passengers or non-employee accident victims that were hit by a Microsoft Connector vehicle will likely need the assistance of an attorney of they are injured in a collision.  An bus accident lawyer can advocate for victim’s legal rights and negotiate a fair settlement with MV Transportation

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