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employee free legal services benefitEmployer sponsored prepaid legal plans are a popular benefit offered by many of the Puget Sound's largest employers such as Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Costco, Starbucks Weyerhauser, UW, and many others.  

When employees use the plan for covered services the plan pays for all network attorney fees through an attorney-credentialed network.  Typically these services are only available over the phone and are limited to simple legal issues.  Prepaid legal plans offer coverage for the most common legal matters that people may have such as drafting simple wills; automobile title transfers, minor traffic tickets; rental agreements, simple legal correspondences; small claims court; 

What Is Covered By Your Employer-Sponsored, Pre-Paid Legal Service Plan?

More comprehensive legal plans may include adoption, consumer protection (identity theft), credit problems, rental/tenant disputes, debt collection, power of attorney, living will, probate, legal seperation, simple uncontested divorce, child support modification, juvenile court proceedings, some types of minor criminal matters, property protection, and real estate transactions.   

These sorts of plans rarely extended to crimes such as vehicular homicide or even a loss of driving privileges due to a charge of driving while intoxicated.  And may not include complicated contested divorce proceedings or civil law suits (lawsuit against the employee).  Finally, plans typically do not include any legal work related to business transactions---you are not supposed to be setting up a new business when you are being paid by your current employer.  

Employer pre-paid legal service plans usually do not cover personal injury claims or any legal action where the member is in a position that they acquire legal settlements, legal reimbursement or compensation from other sources, such as an insurance policy.  Further, any legal action in which a contingent fee is customarily the method of payment (such as personal injury claims) to an attorney are also typically excluded from employer-sponsored per-paid legal plans. 

If your employer offers a pre-paid legal benefit you may wish to review the plan to understand the plans' limitations.

Davis Law Group has assisted hundreds of Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Costco, and Starbucks employees with personal injury claims and other civil law matters.  

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