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Memorial Service - Day One at MADD National Conference – Part 2

The official kick off of the conference didn’t begin until a welcome reception at 6:30pm on Wednesday night.  I flew in on Tuesday and had dinner with my dear friend Yulee Schafer from Louisville, KY who was also there to attend the conference. 

Wednesday Yulee spent the day at the Red Cross Headquarters since she is a Kentucky Red Cross board member.  And I spent the day Wednesday in nearby Fairfax, VA helping an internet marketing company brainstorm new product feature ideas and sharing some SEO, marketing and media relationships strategies.  This little business side-trip allowed me to have someone else pay for the travel expenses—so my MADD chapter wouldn’t have to pick up the bill. 

I arrived back at the hotel Wednesday evening just in time to participate in the National Victim/Survivor Tribute which was a touching memorial to remember, honor and celebrate the lives of those that have been killed or injured in drunk driving crashes.   There was a slide show sharing pictures of the lost and injured which was accompanied by choral music, a string quartet, poetry readings and short orations.  It was thought provoking and emotional.  It was the perfect way to get in the proper mindset for what was to come on Thursday.