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Man Loses Leg, Starts Nonprofit Organization for Amputation Victims

Bob Ayres endured 20 surgeries – including the amputation of most of his right leg.

In the early 1970’s, Ayres was hit by a carload of teenagers on a highway while he was changing his car’s left front tire when the teens hit him and sent him into a coma for three months.

"I remember I was down there changing the tire. I had the bolts off. You feel the wind go by and the road shake as the cars go by," Ayres said. "And then I woke up three months later in the hospital. And there were nurses and doctors leaning over me, asking me 'Who's the president?' and 'What month is it?' And I was really freaking out."

Now – 25 years later – he has been giving his rehabilitation everything he has to survive.

He spend more than a year in a hospital and spent most of his time in traction and with doctor engaged in a struggle to repair his legs, hips and more.

His right leg was significantly damaged causing it to collapse on him in 1983. He chose to amputate his limb instead of more surgeries.

Then in 1994, he learned that he had contracted hepatitis C through a blood transfusion. "I was so angry and so afraid," Ayres said.

But he wasn't finished with his own anesthesia program. He became an alcoholic and personally checked himself into a rehab. After leaving the program, he and his started a nonprofit organization – Miracle Limbs – Courage in Motion.

Through the organization, the married couple works with doctors, hospitals, prosthetic manufacturers, law enforcement, physical and mental health counselors to assist with amputees.

Together, they provide service throughout the whole process – pre and post surgery, mental and physical recovery.

"We've even bought groceries for people," said Diana Ayres.

Through grants, they hope to go from a $50,000 budget in 2007 to a $300,000 to $500,000 budget in the next year or two.

Corporate sponsors such as Arthrex, Trek, Waste Management, Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club and CenturyLink have stepped up to donate, as have local private citizens.

The couple downsized their life, selling a house and a car to start the organization.

Davis Law Group commends the couple for starting such a great organization. Each year, many people loss a limb in various accidents – many being car accidents. This is a wonderful support system for those affected, and we wish you the best of luck in Miracle Limb’s future endeavors!

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