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Legal Help For Models Disfigured By Car Accidents And Dog Bites

For any woman that works as a fashion model her face is her most valuable asset. Although her spirit may just as beautiful on the inside, it is her outer beauty that defines her career and creates the employment opportunities that are critical to her financial success. Her name is her brand, her face is her logo, and her healthy glowing appearance helps the companies that hire her to represent them to sell millions of dollars of product each year. Whether she makes her living on a runway or on the other side of the camera lens her earning potential is directly tied to face.  

Unfortunately, every year women with thriving careers in the fashion industry are enduringly prevented from ever working again due to facial disfigurement and/or permanent scarring caused by car collisions, dog bites and other types of accidents that permanently damage their ability to ever work in the modeling industry again. 

Attorney Chris Davis and the Davis Law Group, P.S., have experience representing former fashion models in their search for justice following a disfiguring injury. Like any other accident victim, former models are entitled to financial compensation for their past and future medical bills (including plastic surgery), pain and suffering damages, and lost wages. Mr. Davis has helped beautiful women with facial scars from dog bites, car accidents and other types of misfortunate incidents get the financial compensation that they deserve from the at-fault parties and/or their insurance companies. 

Mr. Davis’wife, Mischelle, a former runway model who spent years working as a marketing communications and public relations professional, assists those injured models who want to go public with their struggles to make the necessary media connections to make sure that their story is told in the most sensitive way. 

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Fashion Models Permanently Disfigured By Dog Bite Attack To The Face

Anyone bitten in the face by a dog may suffer permanent facial scarring and disfigurement. Many have issues with paralysis, uncontrollable facial movement, skin discoloration, vision loss, trouble eating or speaking, and permanent nerve damage that can cause constant pain. 

Although these kinds of injuries are devastating to anyone who has been viciously attacked by a dog, for anyone that works as a model, they have the added consequence of ending a career that may have had massive earning potential. A model that can no longer work due to injuries to the face may lose millions of dollars in income potential. 

Models Suffer Face Injuries In Motor Vehicle Accidents

A model that is injured in a car accident caused by a drunk driver or negligent driver has the same rights to financial compensation as any other car accident victim. Whether she/he was the driver or passenger of a car that was struck by an at-fault driver; OR a passenger in a vehicle in which the driver was reckless, the model still as legal rights. 

Injuries to the face following a motor vehicle collision can be horrific. Cuts from broken glass, impact contusions, deep cuts caused by striking structures inside the vehicle, chemical burns from airbag deployment, and burns from fuel fires can all quickly end a model’s career. 

Models Suffering Amputation Injuries

Even if a model that has been injured in an accident is fortunate enough to have escaped injuries to the face, bodily injuries to the arms, legs, or back can make future work on the catwalk impossible. A runway model that can no longer smoothly navigate the runway, walks with a limp, or has suffered an amputation may have career limiting injuries that are just as devastating as those to the face. 

Models Seeking Fair Compensation For The Injuries

The most challenging aspect of a personal injury case brought by someone who works as a model is proving lost future earning potential. Many models’ income fluctuates wildly from month-to-month and year-to-year making projecting what the lost income may have been very difficult. However, an attorney that has experience working with models injured in accidents can engage with career  economists that can offer expert opinions that support lost earnings predictions.