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Legal Action Against USAA Insurance Company For Bad Faith

Insurance Bad Faith Claims Against USAA Insurance

Have you had an accident where either yourself or the at-fault has been insured by USAA InsuranceUSAA is notorious for stubbornly defending against many auto accident claims that should have been settled sooner for a fair and reasonable settlement value.  The company is well-known for for stalling the release of settlement funds until the absolute last possible minute. 

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USAA Settlements & Verdicts

Below are just a few of our firm's successful claims against USAA Insurance.

  • $400,000 Vehicle Hit Head-On While At Stop Lisght (Case No. 200877, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $400,000 Car Accident Caused By Driver Running Stop Sign (Case No. 200631, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $300,000 Car Hit When Vehicle Crosses Center Line (Case No. 200886, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $200,000 Pedestrian Struck in Marked Crosswalk (Case No. 200905, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $200,000 Injured In Failure To Yield Rear-End Roll-Over Crash (Case No. 200439, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $200,000 Crash Caused By Wrong-Way Driver (Case No. 200726, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $200,000 Crash Caused By Out-Of-Control Driver (Case No. 200857, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $198,000 Rear-Ended By Speeding Car (Case No. 200772, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $198,000 Brain Injury Victim Hit In Rear-End Collison (Case No. 200783, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $140,000 Pedestrian Struck In Goodwill Donation Lane (Case No. 200556, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $135,000 Rear-End Collision Accident (Case No. 200262, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $120,000 Rear-Ended At 35 mph (Case No. 200245, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $120,000 Pedestrian Hit By Right-Turning Driver After Exiting Bus (Case No. 200703, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $120,000 Drunk Driver Hits Limo (Case No. 200706, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $110,000 Injured In Crash Caused By Distracted Driver (Case No. 200249, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $100,000 Freeway Collision at 60 mph (Case No. 200755, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $100,000 Car Rear-Ended At Red Light (Case No. 200317, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $60,000 Distracted Driving Accident Causes Back Injuries (Case No. 200615, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $50,000 Federal Way Red Light Running Accident (Case No. 200805, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $37,500 T-Boned By Hydroplaning Vehicle (Case No. 200473, Insurance Company: USAA)
  • $24,000 Speeding Teen Driver Causes Crash in 25 mph Zone (Case No. 200614, Insurance Company: USAA)

USAA Insurance Company Profile

USAA is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.  USAA offers a range of personal property and casualty (P&C) insurance, including automobile insurance, homeowner insurance, renters' insurance, as well as umbrella and personal property insurance.

USAA's mission statement indicates its focus to serve its niche market, which consists of members of the U.S. military and their immediate families. The company markets it's insurance products directly to members of the U.S. military. USAA membership is offered to officers and enlisted personnel, including those on active duty, those in the National Guard and Reserve, Officer candidates in commissioning programs and all those who have served in the aforementioned categories and who have retired or have been discharged honorably.