AJ West Elementary School Teacher Receives School Supplies Gift

Help a public school teacher

Kris Sawin is the Recipient of $100 Classroom Award

Davis Law Group, P.S., a Seattle-based law firm, in partnership with OfficeMax, is pleased to announce that Kris Sawin is a recipient of the Davis Law Group School Supplies Gift Program. Mrs. Sawin is a 3rd grade teacher at AJ West Elementary School in Aberdeen.

Mrs. Sawin was nominated for this award by a student’s parent Boddy Poirier.
Teacher appreciation award
“I am very impressed by the way that Kris runs her classroom and the amount of experience that she has as a teacher,” Poirier said.

Mrs. Sawin is respected by her students due to the amount of respect she continually gives to them. She orchestrates a very organized classroom with important tools for learning.

“Kris’ classroom is very organized and very welcoming to the students,” Poirier said. “She does special things for her class and makes sure that every child has the tools he or she needs to be successful.”

Mrs. Sawin has been teaching in the Aberdeen School District for more than 20 years. Poirier estimates that she has spent about a year’s salary on her students throughout her teaching career.

Mrs. Sawin plans to use this award toward art supplies and to give her students more and up-to-date visual aides to enhance their learning experiences.

Davis Law Group is thrilled to award a dedicated and deserving educator.

Attorney Chris Davis and his wife started a program to help public school teachers get extra classroom supplies without having to spend their own money. The Davis Law Group School Supplies Gift Program gives a $100 OfficeMax gift card each week to a deserving Washington State Public school teacher and his/her class. Anyone can nominate a teacher for this program, teachers, and students, parents, and administrators.

Thankful Response from Appreciative Student's Parent


Davis Law Group was so excited to receive such a kind response from Boddy Poirier who nominated Mrs. Kris Sawin for the award.


Dear Davis Law Group,

I just wanted to respond to the Golden Apple Award that Davis Law Group and Office Max awarded to my daughters 3rd Grade Teacher Kris Sawin. My daughter (Kylee) loves art and it is her passion at this moment in her life to make a career in the Art Industry. When I let Kylee know this afternoon that Mrs. Sawin was awarded this gift card and planned to put it towards art supplies and visual aids for her classroom it made her tear up with happiness. It is truly a blessing when a teacher like Kris comes along in a child's life. I can remember teachers during my years in school that truly had an impact on my life and can still remember certain points a couple of my teachers made in their lessons. Unfortunately I was not able to nominate more than one teacher at AJ West because there are a couple of teachers (and a principle) that are just as deserving in my mind as Kris is. It overjoyed me today to learn that Mrs. Sawin was being awarded this gift card. I cannot thank Davis Law Group and Office Max enough for recognizing this supremely dedicated educator in our small town of Aberdeen, WA.


Best Regards,

Boddy Poirier