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The Importance of an Accident Reconstruction Expert

accident reconstruction expertAfter a serious accident involving a motor vehicle, large truck, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian, it may be difficult for a victim to remember exactly what happened. Between the physical injuries suffered and the mental trauma involved, victims are often not the most reliable witnesses in a serious accident. 

If the police responded to the scene of the accident, they may try to piece together the evidence from the scene to determine what happened. But their investigation usually does not go deep enough for a victim, particularly if they start a personal injury claim to recover damages. 

To get to the bottom of exactly what happened in a collision, an attorney may hire an accident reconstruction expert, one of the many types of expert witnesses that may be used in your case. An attorney will hire an accident reconstructionist for a case if: 

  • The expert will improve or prove your case
  • Hiring the expert makes sense financially considering the potential damages

What an Accident Reconstructionist Does

An accident reconstructionist is an expert in the scientific process of investigating, analyzing, and drawing conclusions about the causes and events of a vehicle collision. 

Accident reconstruction experts are employed by plaintiff attorneys and insurance companies to conduct in-depth collision analysis and reconstruction to identify the collision causation and contributing factors in different types of collisions. That may include the role of the driver(s), vehicle(s), roadway and the environment. 

An accident reconstruction expert will usually visit the scene of the accident and collect evidence, taking pictures of the environment, tire skid marks, debris, road conditions, traffic lights, etc. The expert will likely also evaluate the vehicles involved in the collision. If a large truck was involved, they will look at the “black box” data if available. 

A vehicle’s maintenance is often a piece to the puzzle as well. Mechanical problems or tire defects may have contributed, and a skilled accident reconstructionist can accurately assess the role those factors played. 

A Reconstructionist’s Findings

Using their skill and expertise, an accident reconstructionist will: 

  • Analyze the physics of the collision and determine the speed and direction of the vehicles
  • Provide insight as to what caused the accident and what damage occurred
  • Analyze the likeliest causes of the injuries resulting from the accident

Once a reconstructionist has all their data and evidence and has arrived at a conclusion, they may create an animated recreation of the accident. If the case goes to court, they may testify and give a demonstration about the circumstances of the event.

Secure Your Legal Rights After an Accident

A accident reconstructionist usually makes a complicated case easier to understand by providing a visual of what happened, how it occurred and the damage caused as a result. The right attorney for your case should recognize the value of a reconstructionist. 

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