Scheduling a Free Legal Consultation with Our Attorneys

One of the biggest obstacles to a level playing field between insurance companies and injury victims is the availability of resources. The average person simply can’t afford to pay a lawyer tens of thousands of dollars up-front to handle their personal injury claim, and the thought of having to do so probably prevents many injured victims from even exploring their legal rights after a life-changing accident, let alone getting the quality legal representation that they need and deserve.

The Truth About Contingency Fees

The truth is, most personal injury attorneys work on a “contingency fee” or “contingent fee” basis. This means that any attorney fees to be paid by a client are contingent – or dependent – upon the attorney first securing a settlement, verdict, or other form of financial recovery on the accident victim’s behalf. The attorney fees are then subtracted from the total recovery, after the attorney has obtained a financial recovery for the client.

This structure not only eliminates the up-front cost of hiring a lawyer, but also motivates the attorney to achieve the best possible result on the client’s behalf.

As we alluded to already, we are also firm believers that the contingency fee structure evens the playing field between accident victims and insurance companies by allowing people to receive the quality legal representation they need regardless of their financial situation. And since most accident victims are already facing expensive medical bills and may be unable to work, a contingency fee agreement allows victims to hire a lawyer without adding more financial strain to their lives.

How We Do Things at Davis Law Group

Step 1: The Free Case Review

The first step in the process is for our team of investigators and attorneys to perform a complimentary review of your case. This free case review will allow our legal team to analyze the specific details of your case – including the extent of your injuries, what may have caused them, and who may be legally responsible –  and determine if hiring a lawyer may be in your best financial interests.

If we do not believe that hiring our attorneys will improve your chances of success or increase the value of the case, then we will explain that we believe you may be able to handle the claim on your own without having to pay an attorney.

If we do believe that we can help, then we will work with you to schedule a free legal consultation. This can be an in-person meeting in our office, a conference call, or one of our other free consultation options.


Step 2: The Free Consultation

The purpose of the free legal consultation is to give you the opportunity to meet our award-winning legal team and address any questions or concerns that you may have about your case. It also allows us to meet you, provide examples of similar cases we’ve handled in the past, and explain exactly why we believe hiring Davis Law Group is in your best interests. Once we agree to take on the case, the final step is to complete the necessary paperwork so that we can begin working on your case.

As you can see, we really take the time to ensure that hiring our attorneys will truly be beneficial to the accident victim. It is a fact that not all personal injury cases require the benefit of an attorney. Hiring a lawyer costs money, and it does not serve anyone’s best interests if attorney fees take up a larger percentage of the settlement or verdict than the accident victim will receive.

Unfortunately, there are many law firms out there who will agree to represent anyone who has a claim that they can make a profit from. We are not that type of law firm.

We Really Mean “No Obligation”

Finally, we understand that being injured in an accident can leave you with a lot more questions than answers. If you don’t know where to turn and have questions about your legal rights, we will review your case absolutely free, with no obligation to hire us later.

We will only suggest a free legal consultation after our personal injury lawyers have had a chance to review your case details and determine if we can help. Fill out the confidential form on this page to get started, and someone from our office will contact you soon.