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Davis Law Group's Viral Video Scholarship Contest

Attention: This scholarship program has been discontinued. To see our current scholarship program, please visit our page for Davis Law Group's Scholar Athlete Program.

The DLG Viral Video Scholarship Contest™ was created as a community service project to help educate the public on safe driving practices by awarding a scholarship to the film student or video production enthusiast who creates the best public service announcement video about car accidents, dog bites, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, or another topic related to personal injury law. 

How It Works

Three scholarships will be awarded to the participant that creates the best viral video about “Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol”. The scholarship is open to anybody (high school students, college student and/or film enthusiasts).

Video winners will be selected based on a number of categories including, creativity, entertainment value, video quality and of course the viral nature of the video (ie. video views, social validation, etc.)

Scholarship Contest Timeline

Contest Entry Period:

Entry submission begins September 1, 2012. All contest entries must be received no later than March 31, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Any entries received after that time will not be accepted.

Public Voting:

Public voting begins when the entry is received and has met all requirements. Contestant videos will be displayed on a unique page on the Davis Law Group website. Public voting will consist of views, comments, likes/dislikes, etc on the contestants unique webpage. Voting ends on May 1, 2013.

Judging Panel:

Top Finalists of public voting will be displayed on the Davis Law Group website. Finalists will be graded by a panel of judges for Creativity, Educational Value, Entertainment Value and Video Quality.

Winner Announced:

The winner will be announced on May 15, 2013 on the Davis Law Group website.

2013 Winners Have Been Announced! Click Here

2013 Viral Video Finalists:

Drinking and Driving #VVSC by RaeAnna Grogan

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol #VVSC by Blair J Davis


Here Today... Gone Tomorrow #VVSC by Chelsea Miller


Allow Life to Thrive, Don't Drink and Drive #VVSC by Tommy Rogers


Don't Drink and Drive #VVSC by Jessica Strong


Domino Effect #VVSC by Brandon Boyd

Disdrunktion #VVSC by Tommy Batchelor


Make the Better Choice VVSC by Cordell Pacheco


Don't HANDle Alcohol Underage #VVSC by Ryan Duvall


Gambling #VVSC by John Michael Davis


Driving Intoxicated #VVSC by Carleton Daley