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City of Seattle Yet to Fix 'Missing Link' for Cyclists on The Burke-Gilman Trail

The Burke-Gilman Trail is very popular to cyclists, runners, and walkers. The City of Seattle manages the 27-mile trail that runs through much of King County. The trail begins in Ballard, follows the Lake Washington Ship Canal, and wraps around Lake Washington before ending in Bothell.

Since the Burke-Gilman Trail is one of Washington state's most extensive trails attracting residents from a number of different neighborhoods including Ballard, Fremont, Kenmore, and Redmond.

However, a large break in the trail has been the cause of many bicycle accidents, resulting in lawsuits in recent years. This break, referred to as the "missing link," stretches between 28th Avenue NW and 11th Avenue NW.

The 'Missing Link' of Seattle's Burke-Gilman Trail

The “missing link” is in the industrial part of Ballard. Reports indicate that since the late 1990s there have been hundreds of bicycle crashes. Why hasn’t this infamous “missing link” been fixed to prevent further bicycle accidents?

There is no answer to that question.

Injuries from the many bicycle crashes have ranged from broken hips, missing teeth, and severe cuts. The City of Seattle is aware of all of these cyclists' injuries.

Five injured cyclists filed a suit against the city a year ago alleging that the failure to fix the trail caused them to crash. Nothing changed. Even obvious hazards like railroad tracks remain on the trail. The spokeswoman for the Seattle Department of Transportation said that link had not been fixed due to the lawsuit’s pending resolution.

The City of Seattle has put up two signs, which have not helped cyclists. More people are going to be hurt while city officials continue to stall. It is the City of Seattle’s responsibility to create a safe environment for their residents.

Davis Law Group represents many injured cyclists – many of which have been victims of the dangerous segment on the Burke-Gilman Trail.

Does this area on the Burke-Gilman Trail sound familiar?

In 2007, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) held a public meeting for the community regarding the Burke-Gilman "Missing Link" Project. SDOT issued another update in December 2012 explaining that they have prepared specific recommended improvements that "will be constructed in 2013 or 2014."

Regardless of these efforts, the Seattle transportation community has long held that the trail is inadequate as a safe transportation route for bicyclists and pedestrians alike. Many innocent bicyclists and pedestrians have suffered moderate to serious injuries and later found out that the Burke-Gilman Trail's "missing link" has been an issue in the community for several years.

If you have been injured while using the Burke-Gilman Trail, especially if your injuries occurred at the "missing link" section of the trail, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. To have your personal injury case evaluated by Chris Davis and the legal team at Davis Law Group, contact our office today. Call (206) 727-4000 to schedule a free consultation.