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Motorcycle Accident Legal Resources

Below you will find a variety of resources and articles related to motorcycle accidents and notable cases handled by the award-winning motorcycle accident attorneys Davis Law Group. If you do not find answers to your questions on our website, call our office in Seattle at (206) 727-4000 to request a free legal consultation with our legal team. 
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  • Common Types of Washington Motorcycle Accidents Every time a motorcyclist puts on their helmet and hops on their bike, they are putting themselves at risk. Most motorcyclists are aware of these facts, as the freedom and enjoyment they get out of riding outweighs the potential dangers.
  • The Serious Nature of Left-Turn Accidents About 61 percent of crashes that happen while turning or crossing an intersection involve left turns, as opposed to just 3.1 percent involving right turns.
  • Common Causes Of Washington State Motorcycle Collisions It is true that motorcycle accidents occur in a number of different ways, but one thing is consistent no matter the cause: motorcyclists face a significantly higher risk of serious injury or death in a collision.
  • Dental Injuries in a Washington Accident There are a wide variety of dental injuries that may occur in an accident. Motorcyclists that fall off their bikes may hit their head or face on the ground, a traffic barrier, or motor vehicle.
  • Road Rash in a Washington Motorcycle Accident The most common injury in a motorcycle crash is road rash. The injury is so common that bikers may consider road rash a badge of honor or an initiation into the motorcyclist club.
  • Rider’s Arm Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents Rider’s arm — also known as Biker’s arm — is a type of injury sustained in a motorcycle accident. This type of injury is caused when the nerves in the upper arm are damaged. This typically happens when a rider’s motorcycle falls on top of their arm during a crash.
  • Road to Justice: A Legal Guide to Motorcycle Accident Claims Road to Justice: A Legal Guide to Motorcycle Accident Claims is a free book written and published by Seattle attorney Chris Davis about motorcycle accidents.
  • Washington State Motorcycle Accident Statistics Statistics show that as the number of motorcyclists in Seattle and Washington state increases, the number of injuries from motorcycle accidents increases as well
  • Don't Be A Stereotype; Be A Safe Motorcycle Rider When you think of a motorcycle rider, what do you think of? Dare devil, risk taker, unsafe, fast, flashy? These are describing words motorists think of.
  • Boy Suffers Brain Injury After Jumping From A Moving Pickup Truck The plaintiff alleged that the pickup truck driver was negligent in allowing the boy and a friend to ride in the back of the vehicle and in ordering them to jump out while the truck was moving. After a $25.7 million jury verdict, the parties reached a confidential settlement.
  • 45th Street Motorcycle Crash Results In Significant Injuries A motorcyclist was traveling westbound on N. 45th Street in Seattle, Washington when he was unexpectedly cut off by another driver in a car, who had entered the roadway from a side street. The driver entered N. 45th directly in front of the motorcyclist, leaving him no time to swerve or evade the collision. The rider instinctively hit his brakes, but then went into a slide, resulting in him being ejected over the handlebars and landing the ground below.
  • Accident Report: Motorcycle And Car Collision As he was stopped southbound on 21st Street in the center turn lane waiting to make turn into Taco Bell, he suddenly became aware of MG traveling northbound on 21st Street entering the turn lane. GB frantically flashed his high-beams attempting to get GB’s attention, but was unsuccessful. He was forced to jump off his motorcycle at the last moment prior to MG crashing into it head on.

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