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  • Moped and Motorcycle Accidents-Similarities and Discrepancies. Of those injured in moped accidents, 21% were 60 years old or older and accounted for 56% of fatalities in this group. The most frequent cause of moped accidents was collision with a car, and overturning or running off the road in motorcycle accidents. The difference in injury severity was unexpectedly small, although there was a tendency toward more severe injuries in motorcyclists. Moped accidents are so similar to motorcycle accidents that it seems unjustified to regard mopeds as harmless 'bicycles with a helper motor.' The need for formal registration, driving license, and helmet use laws for mopeds is apparent.
  • Scooter safety: rising accident rates raise questions over regulation As the price of gasoline soars, more people have been switching to motorcycles, scooters and mopeds, which get far better mileage. But as the number of mopeds and scooters rises, so will the number of accidents, safety officials said.
  • Safety issues raised after fatal scooter accident The death this week of an elderly Victoria-area man under the wheels of a dump truck while driving his new scooter is raising safety questions.
  • Are Motor Scooters Safe? Yes and No! Motor scooters, both electric scooters and gas scooters, are a style of motorcycle that have a step through frame and have become a very popular method of travel all over the world. They have been scooting out of show rooms at record speed. But what many people do not realize is that motor scooters are classified as motor vehicles when it comes to highway regulations. And although they are an object of desire for many they can also be dangerous for many.
  • Scooter safety vs. motorcycles If you drive where the roads are smooth, without potholes, or speed bumps, or other pavement irregularities, there's probably not much difference. When you encounter holes in the road, a scooter's smaller tires can be deflected more easily, because they generate less gyroscopic effect. Also, a motorcycle's larger tire will roll over some holes that a scooter tire will fall into, which can cause a strong jolt to the suspension.
  • Moped and scooter rider safety ‘Powered Two Wheelers,’ or scooters, are very popular with young teenagers as a means of independent travelling. Unfortunately they are also amongst the high statistics of road crashes. Bromley's Road Safety Officers are tackling this with a course of sessions in secondary schools, aimed at reducing these figures.