Car Accident Statistics For Washington State

According to 2017 data from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT):

  • Fatal car accidents: 525
  • Suspected serious injury collisions: 1,932
  • Possible/suspected injury collisions: 34,311
  • No apparent injury incidents: 84,225
  • Total car accidents: 120,993

2017 Car Accidents By Type

  • Distracted driver: 11,508
  • Teen driver: 17,385
  • Pedestrian: 2,386
  • Bicycle: 1,205
  • Drunk driver: 8,229
  • Motorcycle: 2,122
  • Bus: 1,203
  • Large truck: 3,940*
car accident crash statistics

Fatal Car Accidents In Washington State

  • According to 2017 WSDOT data, a car accident occurs every 4 minutes and a person dies due to a car crash every 20 hours.
  • Fatal crashes went from 508 in 2016 to 525 in 2017, resulting in the death of 555 people. This number has stayed relatively steady for the past decade. 
  • The highest number of crashes occur on Saturdays.
  • The month of November held the highest number of crashes throughout the year. 
  • People in the 16-25 age group were the most at risk for being killed in a car accident. 

2017 Fatal Accidents By Type

  • Drunk driver: 110
  • Distracted driver: 87
  • Teen driver: 50
  • Pedestrian: 107
  • Motorcycle: 82
  • Bicycle: 13
  • Bus: 3
  • Large truck: 32*

Serious Injury Car Accidents In Washington State

  • According to WSDOT, the number of car accidents with suspected serious injuries totaled 1,932 for the year 2017.
  • Suspected serious injury collisions went from 1,896 in 2016 to 1,932 in 2017, resulting in 2,229 serious injuries.
  • King County accounted for 40,192 (33 percent) of car accidents in Washington state in 2017 and 538 (28 percent) of serious injury collisions.
  • A person was injured in a crash about every 15 minutes.

2017 Serious Injury Accidents By Type

  • Distracted driver: 201
  • Teen driver: 201
  • Pedestrian: 356
  • Bicycle: 102
  • Drunk driver: 365
  • Motorcycle: 372
  • Bus: 19
  • Large truck: 61*

*Large truck accident data is for 2016.

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